The Airmodus A11 nCNC-system is the only commercially available measurement system
for determining the activation size distribution of 1-3 nm aerosol particles.

Study and monitor particles smaller than the detection threshold of any CPC. Airmodus A11 Nano Condensation Nucleus Counter system measures particles as small as 1 nm in diameter. It is a complete system consisting of a particle size magnifier, a particle counter and operation software. Airmodus A11 can be used to measure the total number concentration of sub – micron particles, or to learn about characteristics and dynamics of the 1 – 3 nm particles in real time.

Special Features:

  • Detect particles as small as 1 nm in diameter in real time
  • Also the electrically neutral particles
  • Study the formation and growth of 1 – 3 nm particles
  • Activation spectrum can be used for size or composition information.
  • Data inversion in real time

Three operation modes:

  • Fixed mode: One fixed cut – off *) for monitoring the appearance of nanoparticles
  • Stepping mode: Steps through several user defined cut – offs *). Use to observe pre – defined size classes.
  • Scanning mode: The activation spectrum of 1 – 3 nm *) particles in less than 2 minutes.
(sample flow to CPC 1 lpm)

Working fluids:
Diethylene Glycol and n – Butano
Operating temperature range:
15°C to 35°C
RS – 232, and USB 2.0 Programmable 0 – 10 V analogue output for external devices, e.g. controlling of a DMA or ion filter.
Power requirements:

88 – 264 VAC max. 320 W
universal AC input/full range

External vacuum requirement:
> 0.4 bar under pressure at NTP
External pressurized air requirement:
1 – 2.5 bar at NTP

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