In-situ, multi-component IR emissions analyser

Procal 2000 is an infra-red (IR), duct or stack-mounted analyser,
designed to provide in-situ analysis of up to six gas-phase emission components.Procal 2000.1

A typical system comprises a stack mounted analyser, an integral calibration function and a Control Unit with options which include a powerful in-situ Heater and a stand-alone Analysis Software package.

Procal 2000 uses the reflective beam principal to directly measure process gas as it enters the in-situ sample cell. Unlike higher maintenance extractive systems, Procal´s patented, sintered metal technology removes the need for gas filtering or sample conditioning.

The Procal 2000 analyser requires very little maintenance and achieves a class-beating up-time of over 98% in demanding applications.





Principles of Operation


The Procal 2000 analyser operates on the proven, single beam, dual–wavelength IR light principle. Mid IR Pulses, at two specific wavelengths per monitored component, are transmitted through the sample cell. The “measure” pulse is partially absorbed by the gases being measured while the “reference” pulse remains unaffected. Up to eight wavelengths are available, sometimes sharing reference wavelengths, allowing up to six gas-phase component concentrations to be monitored simultaneously. Uniquely, the operation, zero and calibration are “fully challenged” in that all operating modes use the same optical path and system components.

Auto Verification

The integral Auto Verification Unit initiates a zero-check on the system by filling the sample probe with clean, dry instrument air. Similarly, it performs a span-check by filling the sample probe with certified span gas.


The Procal 2000 analyser has been in service for over 25 years with continual product improvement to match ever-tightening legislative requirements.


Special Features:

  • Multi-component gas analysis
  • Direct in-situ measurements
  • Wet or dry (option)
  • Automatic signal verification and recalibration
  • Oxygen or CO2 measurement normalisation (option)
  • Flange mounted analyser
  • Low maintenance
  • ATEX / IEC option


  • Each Procal 2000 can measure up to six components.
  • No requirement for high cost, high maintenance sample handling system or sample conditioning.
  • Can inherently report on Wet or Dry gas basis.
  • No operator intervention during routine use.
  • Report measurement corrected to normalised O2 or CO2 reference conditions.
  • Reduced cost and simple of installation.
  • Reduced cost of through life ownership.
  • Can be used in hazardous areas.


Control Unit Options

Analyser Control Unit – Procal 1000 range

The Procal 1000 data logging and control system is Microsoft Windows based.Procal 2000_04
The system is capable of controlling up to six, widely dispersed, Procal analysers of any design. The Procal 1000 range is also designed to accept signal I/O from other instruments in the process to provide a single CEMS data hub. The Procal 1000 system displays gas concentrations and third party analyser I/O along with information on sample conditions, diagnostic data and trends. The information can also be made available to external components in a variety of industry standard data protocols.






Spectral range:
Specific application dependent wavelengths (up to 8) are selected between 2-12 μm

Infra-red source:
Enclosed nichrome filament

Infra-red detector:
Solid state pyroelectric element

Sample path length:

1 metre

Sample temperature:
Up to 350°C (660°F) (higher temperatures on application)

Minimal due to the wavelength selection and advanced algorithms in the processor software


Typically ±2% of full scale concentration but dependent on application

Response time:
Application dependent but typically 120 seconds to T90

Aluminium alloy casting with high protection finish, protected to IP65 (NEMA 4X)

Operating Environment:
Operating temperature range -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 130°F).
Optional Analyser Cooler/Heater for greater temperature range.

Materials-contact with gas:
Calcium Fluoride, Glass, 316 Stainless Steel, Graphite

Services required:

Power for analyser 115V/230V 100W.
Power for in situ heater (optional) 115V/230V 1kW.
Instrument air for the analyser void purge, auto zero and sample cell protection, controlled by the
analyser, 2 barG; flow rate 0.5 litre/min constant and 6 litre/min intermittent during auto-zero
(typically 8 minutes every 12 hours).

Interconnection cable:

2 twisted-pair cores with individual screen typically allows up to 1000m separation between
Analyser and Procal 1000 Analyser Control Unit


21 kg (46.3lb).

Physical Dimensions:
Analyser 1360mm (53.5”) x 380mm (15”) x 315mm (12.4”)


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