19“ Data Logger for Saving, Managing, and Displaying Data from Various Air Quality Monitors and Sensors

airQlog™ – Saving, Managing, and Displaying Data from Various Air Quality Monitors and Sensors

The airQlog™ is an innovative system to collect and control data from various air quality sensors.
Its key feature is the use of all modern Internet technology for providing data.airQlog 2
The data logger is easy to configure and use and at the same time, is reliable.

The operator uses the web browser of his computer, no other software is required.
With an Internet connection established it makes no difference if the airQlog is operated on site or several hundred kilometers away.

airQlog™ provides a large data memory and a wide variety of graphic modes for displaying measurement data and operating parameters of all connected monitors. All data may be manually read out as well as automatically transferred to a monitoring network centre.

The heart of the system is a Linux based, embedded PC with a standard SQL data base providing your favoured communication channel.

The housing can be used as table top without brackets or with brackets mounted in a standard rack. All connectors are accessible from one side.

As the operator may decide as to the side on which the brackets are to be mounted, the ports may be located at the front or back of the airQlog.

Standard Setup:

  • 7 serial ports for use with one analyser each
  • 1 serial interface for meteorologic sensors
  • 8 analogue inputs
  • 4 relay outputs
  • 6 digital inputs
  • 1 serial interface for modem connection
  • 1 Ethernet interface for Intranet or xDSL
  • 1 Ethernet interface for user PC

Data Protocols:

  • AK protocols (e.g. used in Thermo Scientific instruments)
  • Gesytec (Bayern/Hessen) (e.g. used in TAPI, Thermo Scientific, Horiba, ML instruments)
  • Thermo instruments protocol
  • TAPI protocol
  • Gill wind sonic protocol
  • Mierij meteo protocol
  • Thermo Ethernet (under way)

19“ rack mount, 45cm W x 9cm H x 20cm D

6.5 kg

Power Supply:
100-240V, 50/60Hz

Memory Space (Hard Disk):
Min. 80GB