Reliable point of interest monitoring

Ambient air quality with regard to health-harming substances also has to be considered on a small scale, because local microclimatic conditions may create an air quality considerably differing from a large-scale approach. Health hazards caused by a momentary pollutant concentration increase indicate the necessity of point of interest monitoring.

The airpointer is the ideal tool for monitoring combustion process gases and volatile emissions.

airpointer in industry and traffic

Because of its high flexibility, the airpointer is the ideal tool for monitoring CO, O3, H2S, SO2, NO/NO2/NOX and PM. The traffic data sensor is one of many add-on sensors, which may be added quickly and simply. It enables measuring the number of vehicles and their average speed. Resulting data may be recorded and clearly displayed, for example in combination with nitrogen oxide and PM data.

Road traffic-related monitoring with the airpointer. Data may be used as control signals for a traffic management system.

airpointer at hot spots and indoors

The airpointer measures areas where people frequently stay and poor air quality affects the health of the individual. Mainly highly frequented places as shopping street, traffic junctions or parks and sports grounds with an intense traffic-related air pollution require reliable measurement data because thresholds will often be exceeded. People spend more than 80% of their time indoors. Frequently, indoor air quality is not better than outdoors. Therefore, continuous indoor air quality monitoring is essential considering that the health of young or elderly people or people in poor health above all suffers rapidly under poor indoor air conditions.

  The airpointer provides reliable measurement data at highly frequented locations.

„We can generally choose what we want to eat and drink and where we want to be, but not the air we breathe.“

Air quality monitoring at schools, public buildings, shopping malls, and airports (Indoor Air Quality / IAQ).

Traditionally air quality monitoring stations are as big as building site containers, installed mostly on large-scale sites. Not the airpointer. It can be quickly installed, cost-effectively operated and easily maintained.

Measuring where necessary

Mobile operation It is often necessary to measure briefly at different sites. The compact design of the airpointer makes it the ideal tool for mobile operation. The airpointer ensures flexible air monitoring while using the required reference measurement methods. The airpointer can be quickly transported by car or trailer to the measurement site where it is needed.

The airpointer can be transported on a pickup truck or a trailer of the right size.

Permanent installation

The airpointer is typically mounted on a pole (or a wall if necessary). Permanent installation is necessary when continuous monitoring over an extended period is required. The airpointer is lifted to the designated position with a crane and mounted with appropriate mounting brackets. It can be relocated within a minimal amount of time.

Various options for wall or pole mounting are available.