Fine Particle Sampling System

The Fine Particle Sampler FPS-4000 is a complete sampling system for particle measurements from high concentrations and from hot and humid conditions. The adjustable dilution ratio takes place in two phases; controlled temperatures and rapid dilution allow a well-defined sample transformation from vehicle exhaust or power plant stack conditions to suitable concentrations for most measurement devices.


The Dekati Fine Particle Sampler is a cost-effective and powerful tool for all particulate measurements requiring dilution. Versatile applications include:

  • Automotive exhaust particle concentration and size
    distribution studies
  • Power plant stack measurements
  • A variety of combustion studies
  • Process industry monitoring
  • Pilot reactor studies


FPS Provides:

  • Flexible and monitored dilution ratio
  • Hot and cold primary dilution for a variety of applications
  • Controlled dilution air characteristics
  • Continuous recording of dilution parameters
  • Minimum losses of particles